Post-Nemo Practice Day

The Goddesses With Guns are going to two shoots next weekend so it was practice time, Nemo or not.  Dover Furnace re-opened Sunday after the storm, so I grabbed my snow boots and my Beretta and headed up to DF. Luckily, Keith Lupton (our favorite coach) was available to give me a lesson and some competition pointers.

In spite of a record snowfall of 15 to 30+ inches last weekend, Sunday was quite pleasant – bright, clear skies and pristine powdery snow. Dover Furnace cleared the trails, so our golf cart (with snow tires) made easy-going of it.

The Dover Furnace target setters dug out the snow to deliver a wide array of winter clay presentations. Favorite of the day – a fun report pair of “snow bunny” rabbits zipping through the winter wonderland. There were some tricky flyers where only the black undersides showed – I guess neon orange all the time would be too easy. They were tough to pick up against the winter landscape, but a good visual exercise. The overall assortment of teals, battues, quartering birds and fast crossers was challenging as well as achievable, so it was a very enjoyable round.

Lupton offered some helpful strategies for competitive shoots, in addition to helping me with some trickier targets. Most important – CONCENTRATE – obvious perhaps, but easier said than done sometimes. I’ll fill you in on the other pointers after I test them out this weekend. Wish me luck.