The Goddesses With Guns have been toughing it out winter shooting and we finally made it through March. We had a great time St. Patrick’s Day with CT Travelers at Orvis Sandanona. The clay leprechauns hid green targets along the course and if you broke one, you’d win a free round. We saw one go by for somebody else and sighed… as he missed it! The Sandanona staff was gracious as always, and the trappers came around the course with complimentary hot chocolate and snacks – yum!

Last weekend, Artemis Mac tried out her shiny new Beretta 686 12 gauge and loves the feel of it. Perfectly balanced and great swing – a real target smasher. Athena-B is fighting off barrel envy as she continues the sporting clays quest with her Beretta 687 20 gauge. We Goddesses also decided it’s time to get down to business about improving our scores. We plan to take some lessons with Keith Lupton and are confident he can help us achieve our goals.

One of the best thing about winter shooting, Goddess style, is we get to wear cool hats. Athena-B tried out her favorite with the Davy Crockett tails to rave reviews. Isn’t it cute?