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Lehigh Valley in Bloom


The Goddesses love to do good while having fun. This time, a fundraiser for Hunters Helping the Hungry was the worthy cause. These folks have provided over a million meals for families in need. And behind the successful HHH men are their empowered women – Gals Gone Gun – they are great ladies and we hope they will visit us soon.

Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays, in Coplay, PA, is on the site of a former stone quarry, which makes for some very cool presentations. Early on, biodegradable clays fly across the quarry lake. If you hit them, it’s magic. If you miss, you get to watch your orange disk slowly sink into the abyss.

The remains of the quarry plant offered numerous pieces of buildings to shoot over, around and through. One of our favorite stations threw clays through a window. Lehigh has a large “rabbit” population – we couldn’t believe how many rabbit stations we had to deal with – hoppity rabbits, little loopy ones (we named those “baby battues,” rolling rabbits, silly wabbits (couldn’t help that) – we happily crushed a lot of them.

Not only did we help a worthy cause, we both shot season high scores! A grand slam of a day. And thanks to the Gals for our new  GGG pink hats and tees, we love them.


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