More factory tour and showroom pictures below.

More factory tour and showroom pictures below.

Tony Galazan is on a mission – to make the world’s finest shotguns. By hand. In the U.S.


He achieves this very well at his Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company, the firm he founded in 1975. I was treated to a private tour of the factory last week – how lucky can a Goddess With Guns get?


The showroom is huge and spectacular. Collector’s items and fine shotguns line the carved wood display cases, alongside Tony’s trophies, wildlife sculpture and taxidermy from around the globe. The shotguns are magnificent, made with exotic woods and beautifully decorated. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted most, but the A-10 American amd the Inverness Deluxe have been calling my name.


Tony walked me through the large factory, where function, precision and artistry all converge through Tony’s continually evolving vision of the perfect shotgun. Hand-picked raw materials are first machined, then hand assembled, decorated and hand-finished by American craftsmen. The options to decorate these shotguns seem endless, including gold-inlay and enamel scenes (see above), reminiscent of medieval tapestries.

Keep in mind that Galazan’s shotguns are made-to-measure, so your beautifully hand-crafted shotgun also shoots perfectly for you, too.

Our pictures of the Connecticut Shotgun factory and showroom speak for themselves. For a more detailed history of Tony Galazan and his company, Shotgun Life’s article is most insightful. Click here to read.