As we get deeper into this sport, we often hear the experts tell us to “See the bird” and “Focus on the target.” Sounds simple enough, but it’s much harder than you think.


Other aspects of the game may grab your attention – equipment decisions, gun mount choices, lead and follow through, chokes, ammo, etc. – these are more tangible and easier to address.


Ultimately, the strength of your visual connection with the target determines whether you hit or miss.


I can attest to this personally. As an intermediate shooter, I’m still developing my gun mount techniques. It took me a quite a while to have my “moment of Zen” about the true meaning of seeing the bird. Now I trust when I’m truly focused on that target, even the occasional mediocre gun mount won’t stop me from breaking it.


This video interview of Zach Kienbaum, the 2012/2013 Captain of the NSCA All-American First Team, offers great insights and solid advice about focusing on the target. We hope it helps you crush a few more this weekend.