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The Goddesses at Willow Wood

Give us a chance to go shooting, as well as introduce women to the shooting sports, and we're there! Last weekend, we were invited to help new women shooters at an event, so we grabbed our shotguns and said "Sure." It was our first visit to Willow Wood in Mahopac, NY - a beautiful private [...]

Spring has Sprung

Happy to say, after months of digging out from under this winter's snow and wading through the floods of early Spring, Artemis Mac and Athena B are dusting off their beloved shotguns and taking them on a field day. Tomorrow! Will our little "break" from shooting help or hinder our muscle memory? Can our shooting [...]

Happy Birthday, Artemis!

In honor of Artemis' birthday, family, friends and the Goddesses gathered at Laser Quest in Newington, CT to celebrate the occasion with a few rounds of laser tag. This place knows how to do laser tag right, with an immense multi-level scrimmage area, glow-in-the-dark lighting and smoke machine special effects - all designed to provide [...]

You’ve gotta love the Fall

What a perfect day yesterday was to be out shooting 5 stand at Sandanona.  On the way up, Athena just kept calling it our "Fall Foliage Day".  No argument there. I imagine I am biased, and I've said it before, but New York State is one of THE most beautiful places in the country, especially [...]

A New York State of Mind

What a glorious day we had this past Saturday. Upstate New York has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the country, IMHO. We were lucky enough to get to spend the day shooting various and sundry firearms, from an early 20th century revolver to an M1 Garand. These views from our  [...]

Athena B meets the Goddess Pele

Aloha! My daughter and I recently returned from a much needed vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii - home of delicious Kona coffee, astronomical observatories and the Goddess Pele (Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes). Relaxed in the sun, sand and surf at the Kona Village resort, which is deliberately "unplugged" - no TV in the rooms (more accurately, thatched roof polynesian huts), no phones, no clocks, no radios, no Internet!?!

Athena B in “The Shooting of the Corn”

Lucky me!  I had to go to a business meeting today, only 15 miles from Orvis Sandanona. There was exactly an hour to spare before the meeting; the timing was perfect to try their brand new 5-Stand clays course. It was my first time playing this game, so I definitely had a learning curve to [...]

Thank You Mr. Grumpy

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I received an email from this fellow that I shoot sporting clays with now and again when my regular partner is not available. Shoot on Friday? Absolutely. It’s a beautiful day with dappled sunshine and cool breezes and I arrive to find that it’s not a twosome but a foursome. Not a problem. I meet [...]

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