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Unto The Corn – My First Hunt

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All summer long, we shot the clays above the growing corn. Fall had almost passed when the folks at Dover Furnace closed the blue course for hunting season. And so, about a week ago I, and a friend of mine, set out for my very first pheasant hunting experience.  It was a perfect day for shooting [...]

First Shots

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We Goddesses With Guns know it can be tough to figure out how and where to get started shooting. That's where the National Shooting Sports Foundation can help. The NSSF offers free introductory classes for women (and men) through their "First Shots" program and partner ranges nationwide.

CT Travelers’ Junior Jamboree & Birds of Prey

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The Connecticut Travelers spent this past Saturday sharing their love of the outdoors with the next generation. Goddesses with Guns' Athena B and Artemis Mac drove up to Orvis Sandanona in Millbrook, NY to enjoy the day with mini-Goddess in tow. Little Athena had the opportunity to try her hand at archery, riflery, fly fishing and clay shooting.

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