Who are we?

We are just like you – two

[relatively] normal women who love to shoot – pistols, rifles and especially, shotguns. Sporting clays, trap, skeet – just yell “Pull!” and we’ll go for it! With totally different backgrounds and life trajectories, we became the best of friends due to our common love for this sport.

We are not experts…yet. We’ve been smart enough (and lucky enough) to find an amazing instructor. We’ve been patient enough with our male counterparts to enjoy ourselves anyway. Our laughter fills the forest when we’re out on the course. Everybody knows when we’re shooting – we’re Goddesses With Guns.

We know you’re out there…

When we started shooting, we looked for a place online where women like us could meet and chew the proverbial fat about our sport. What did we find? Zip. Nada. Millions of women shooters and all we found was a big billowing Internet void. There we were, dressed up in our best shooting clothes, armed [with lots of questions] and no place to go

So what did we do? We started the GWG Club – a place where women who shoot can learn from one another, share experiences and develop a sense of camaraderie. We’re all Goddesses With Guns, right? And GWG Club brings us together to Shoot, Share and Shine as a community.

Calling All Goddesses!

We firmly believe that our unique mix of estrogen, firearms and friendship fires up as much fun as humanly possible. Catch our enthusiasm and enjoy our experiences as we Blog. Tell us all about your adventures and post your questions on our Bulletin Board. Perhaps your inner goddess is craving some cool and useful Goddess Gear? Make sure to shoot, share and (of course) Shop!

Join us – it’s free! We can own our part of this fun and empowering sport